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Young Women taking Mr. Stevenson's class at the IC

Young Women taking Mr. Stevenson's class at the IC

Young Women taking Mr. Stevenson's class at the IC

Start of Something New: Junior Girls at the Institute Campus

October 9, 2016

The 2016-2017 class schedule has finally arrived for junior Isabella Castelaz. “Homeroom, Honors American Lit, AP U.S. History, Honors Church History, Honors World Religion, Lunch A… Dang! I wish I had Lunch B. Honors French III, Honors Pre Calculus, and College Prep Chemistry (phew, not honors, just how I wanted it!). Sounds like this year will be a good year,” Castelaz thought to herself.

When Castelaz first opened her schedule for this year, she didn’t even notice she was starting at the Institute Campus. It took her weeks to realize that the first two room numbers didn’t quite match her other classroom assignments. This was new for all junior girls taking Honors American Literature and AP U.S. History.

“When I first realized I’d be at the Institute Campus for periods 1 and 2 all year I was really hesitant and nervous,” Castelaz said.  “I knew it would be a weird adjustment.”

Even though she was very nervous, just like most of the honors junior girls were, Castelaz adapted very quickly.

“It gives the junior girls a chance to get used to the Institute Campus before going coed next year,” Castelaz said. “The only hard part getting used to was the busier hallway and the lockers.”

De La Salle’s plan for the honors junior girls starting at the Institute Campus was meant to create an easier transition for next year.

“To be honest, it was not hard to adapt at all,” Castelaz said. “I thought my first day at the boy’s campus would be awful, but it was actually a lot of fun. Already being familiar with the campus really paid off.”

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