College Collaboration: Seniors Prepare Applications for College Admissions


Students engage in discussion with college admissions counselors

Koby Hill

Click. Click. Click.  As I contemplate what to type, my fingers tremble.  I’m unsure I can even type anything at all.  How am I supposed to make this essay memorable if I can’t even start it?

This is the life of a high school senior juggling classes and college planning.  The college application process involves several months of stress to complete applications by finding colleges that are good fits, getting letters of recommendation, and writing personal statements.

Senior Nathan Dancy knows this experience all too well. Over the summer he visited the University of Missouri and Washington University in Missouri.  He completed some of his college applications and is now applying for scholarships.

“It was awesome visiting the schools,” Dancy said. “I saw the Dean of Admissions of both Mizzou and Washington in St. Louis.  I was able to make some connections and place my name in the minds of important people.

However, Dancy realizes he also has to think about the costs involved with college.  He has applied for several scholarships to help combat the high price tags that come with some of the most reputable schools.

“Having an adult review what you write for scholarships and for college applications is an immense help,” Dancy said.  If you know about something in advance, do it.”