De La Salle Hosts First Mass Ceremony of the 2016-17 School Year


Kevin Wang

De La Salle Institute got off to a fresh start for the 2016-17 school year by hosting the Mass of the Holy Spirit on August 26, 2016. Both boys and girls attended the ceremony as the school celebrated its 127th year of history. Founded in 1889, the mission of the institute has thrived through 127 years of Catholic and La Sallian influence in the Chicagoland area. And as the school celebrates its 127th anniversary, it is about to meet a new milestone: co-education in the 2017-18 school year.


With the impending arrival of co-education at De La Salle Institute, both genders have the need to adapt to a new environment by connecting with a wider range of people. Instead of young men encountering with other young men and young women encountering with other young women as the typical academic environment is, young men will soon face the prospect of encountering and interacting with young women in our school, and vice versa. Big changes are coming.


During the mass to many students’ surprise, Father Paul Novak actively engaged in the Pokemon game by pretending to be a student who’s fascinated by the nature of it. He looks for wild Pokemon to catch as he is advised by his dean to be wary of playing a game in school. “Like the quest for Pokemon, we have to look to encounter Jesus in each other,” said Father Paul.


While the Pokemon game can have many disadvantages such as offering various distractions, it can open up relationships among people if used properly. In Father Paul’s homily, he stated, “While we can get caught up in our own little world, God sent Jesus into the world to connect with us.” Jesus came to the Earth to unite and desegregate people. We’ll live in a better community if we are together. We’ll live in a better community if we develop relationships with other people in the same way Jesus developed relationships with us.


As a co-ed school approaches, the need to unite both young men and young women is ever more important. Some of us might have to step out of our comfort zone and approach another world. Technology is constantly changing, and though the negatives are aplenty, the positives are that we have developed closer bonds with each other. The Pokemon surprise highlights the evolution of human relationships in both the school and in the global environment. As role models of De La Salle Institute, we are inspired by Father Paul to make a difference in our community.