Third Floor Renovations at the Institute Campus

Cristian Cortez

When you initially walk onto the third floor at the Institute Campus, you may get a strange feeling that you are in a different school. Over the summer, the third floor underwent quite a makeover with every classroom being completely renovated with new flooring, air conditioning, white boards, and mounted projectors. Being in one of the renovated classrooms makes it easier to learn due to the adjustable temperature and the brightness of the new lights.

“The new renovated classroom is a move I have been praying for happening for the last 15 years,” said freshman English teacher, Mr. Correa. He also thinks that the environment of the classroom can have an impact on student learning. “I feel like my students have been able to stay alert and are much more comfortable in the classroom. The classrooms aren’t too hot or too cold. The adjustable temperature in each classroom has made a huge difference.”

Another noticeable difference in each classroom are the new lights. The bright lights and new sleek look in each classroom give it a much more fresh, modern look. It has definitely created a sense of new energy for the students and staff within the class.

“I love the new hallways. It makes the school look way better, and it finally matches the other two floors. The classroom environment also feels way different, too. I’m glad the renovations were made, especially with the young women coming over next year,” said Cecil White, a current sophomore. “There is a sense that this is the beginning of something new and exciting.”

“Last year, it was so hot,” said White. “Coming to school on a hot day felt good, until you walked into a third-floor classroom. Then, you wished winter would come back around. But with the air conditioning units put in, I feel like I can focus more on the task at hand as opposed to being worried about how much I’m sweating.”

Overall, the renovations on the third floor are a good step forward and reminds the students and teachers of new changes we will begin to see before De La Salle goes co-ed next year.