What is the City of De?

Nicolette Orlando

As a member of the City of De La Salle, there are certain positions for which you can run. At any point in your career as a Meteor, you can run to be an alderman. As a junior, you can run for secretary, and seniors can run for secretary or mayor. The Aldermen of the City of De are like representatives. They speak for the City of De and help out whenever needed. Secretaries write down attendance for the meetings and any notes that are discussed at the meetings. Lastly, the mayor is the leader of the City of De La Salle. He/She plans the events, leads the meetings, assigns jobs for different events and is ultimately the person in charge.

In order to become a member of the City of De La Salle, you must listen for the announcements at school for when you should check in with an assigned teacher who will be handing out applications. Once you have finished filling out your application, turn it in, and then in a few weeks, you may hear your name on announcements as a new member of the City of De La Salle! As a member, you will be expected to attend all meetings, but of course illness and other important absences are excused. If you apply for a position in the City of De, you must take your position seriously. So, if you want to be a part of bettering your school or want to become more involved, apply for the City of De La Salle!