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Miss Meteor – Finals Prep!

November 28, 2016

Dear Ms. Meteor,

            I am freaking out about the news that we have finals in a month! I did not expect that to come so soon. I’m only a freshman, and I already feel like a senior. I am not prepared for this. I need help on how to get good grades on my finals.


                                                                                    A Wreck
Dear Wreck,

Everybody feels this way when finals are coming. It is okay to be nervous. Most students are unprepared when it comes to finals. It is always a good custom to be prepared with time. Always make sure to keep all tests, quizzes, and homework assignments when finals are coming. It always good to ask teachers questions about past work. When I was a freshman, I always made sure that I kept all my assignments. You never know when you might need those assignments. Once finals got closer, I always tried to do my study guides and ask questions when I did not understand something. Now I know that I always needed an agenda to prepare myself. You should prepare making binders for finals and being prepared beforehand. You will be fine. Do not freak out!


Ms. Meteor

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