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DLS Boys’ Soccer: Lessons Learned

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As Vince Lombardi once said, “Winning is not everything, but making the effort is.” The De La Salle soccer team knows what it means to win and to lose with an overall season record of nine wins and eleven losses for the varsity team. Though the boys had less wins than losses this season, they learned from each win and each loss, which is what is important. Playing the sport is one thing, but learning from your mistakes is equally as essential. As a team, they were able to win nine games which taught them what synergy could ultimately lead to. As a team, they had their strengths and weaknesses, and they learned from those weaknesses to improve them.             Cristian Cortez, a varsity midfielder, agreed to the team having strengths and weaknesses. When asked what these strengths and weaknesses were, Cortez responded, “Some strengths we had as a team were skill and conditioning due to the hard work we put into practices which resulted in the skill we showed in our games. On the other hand, our weaknesses were connecting as a team. Soccer is an intimate sport, and we were not able to do that well until the end of the season when it a little late. Though it was late, we learned from this weakness which will lead us towards a more successful season next year.” Though the team had some tough losses, they learned from these losses which is what counts for the future.

Another team player Andreas Wolf, a varsity center midfielder, answered that soccer this season taught him to include the talents everyone had due to the fact that it is a team sport. He said, “Soccer has taught me teamwork because on the field, everyone has different talents and skills; for example, some kids are really fast, some kids have amazing dribbling, some kids have amazing shooting, and my teammates and I had to learn to use everyone’s skills in a game, and learn to trust each other with passing the ball.” Though they may have suffered more losses, the soccer team did indeed learn lifelong lessons, and in the end, it is the effort they made and the lessons they learned that matter!

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DLS Boys’ Soccer: Lessons Learned