Meteors Impress at Open House for Prospective Families

Guadalupe Vazquez

De La Salle Institute hosted its first Open House of the year on November 2, 2016, at the Institute Campus. Teens in 7th and 8th grade from all around the city came to visit our school. Many students helped the Open House be a success because of their great help. Some of those students were members of the National Honor Society who dressed to impress and helped guide the families throughout the school. In the Commons, our school’s clubs and sports were presented, too. Many tables were set up with a small presentation board with information about clubs or sports.

It was amazing to see all the students who dedicated their afternoon and helped our school be represented in the most positive and excellent ways. Students worked together, and they tried their best to be as professional as possible. Teachers from Lourdes Hall campus were placed in classrooms at the Institute Campus. The classrooms were broken down into the main subjects De La Salle offers. Inside the classrooms, small presentations about the subjects were made, and students shared their thoughts and experiences about taking those specific courses. At the end of the presentations, parents had the opportunity to ask questions, and the main question or concern they had was how the students felt about turning into a co-ed school.

The Open House ended at 8p.m. and as our visitors left, we could see that they enjoyed learning about our school. The teens who came to visit us could be our next Meteors.