Meteors Simulate Model United Nations Conference

Meteors Simulate Model United Nations Conference

Michael Forberg

Michael Forberg is a sophomore serving in the De La Salle Model United Nations club. Here he shares some of his experiences from De La Salle’s first ever Model UN conference:

When I attended the Model United Nations conference sponsored by University of Chicago at the Palmer House Hotel I was nervous at first.  It was only my first conference and initially seemed overwhelming. There were over 100 students in my room and about 3,000 students attending from all over the world.

All of the De La Salle delegates were assigned the small but great island nation of Comoros, located in-between the south of Somalia and the north of Madagascar. The committee I picked was the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Association) and all of the delegates voted and debated the issue of nuclear energy production.

This is a hot topic and current issue facing the United States because of the deal with Iran about their nuclear energy program. It was probably the best intellectual experience I have ever had and I will miss it greatly. You make strong relationships with the other delegates in just 4 days because of the need to cooperate and build a well informed and great paper in a matter of hours. It was also a unique experience doing research from the perspective of another country. We sometimes have a tendency to think of the world through one lens. This gave me an opportunity to view the world as a much larger place.

Overall, this experience is something I will never forget. Between the academic rigor and the amount of hours put into creating our case, I cannot envision an academic task that I won’t be able to navigate in the future. Only being a sophomore, I look forward to participating in conferences in the future and opefully encouraging others to join the club here at De La Salle.