Wrestling Aims to Leave Lasting Impression at State

Wrestling Aims to Leave Lasting Impression at State

George Witowski

Dan Gable once said “Once you’ve wrestled, everything in life is easy.” A select few students in the school know how true this statement is.

Varsity head coach Dale Burke has been around wrestling since the age of five and has done his absolute best to teach all that he knows to whomever is willing to spend the time to learn the sport of wrestling. The young men in the wrestling room work tirelessly from the end of November until the end of February, when state championships take place. Even though there are about twenty athletes on the wrestling team, they all have the common goal of preparing each other for competing in the state tournament.

Sophomore captain Mateo Portillo commented on how challenging it is to endure the long season and prepare for the final tournaments of the year. He said, “To become a champion you have to do things others won’t, so that includes coming to early practices, going on runs when we don’t have practice and even going to two practices a day. If you want to be the best you have to beat the best. That’s the type of mind set you need, and in order to do that, you have to work hard.”

Hopefully all of the sacrifices and hard work will pay off come February. The wrestling team looks to make a lasting impression at the state tournament this year!

EDITORS NOTE: Five wrestlers, Collin Sheedy ’17, Devin Michicich ’17, Solomon Smith ’17, Aaron Zebrauskas ’18, and Ricky Young ’19, qualified for the state tournament.  Of the five, Zebrauskas placed 4th and Smith placed 2nd in their respective weight class.