Talking Money With Mr. Wegesin

Talking Money With Mr. Wegesin

Cesar Campos

This year marks the third year of the investment club here at De La Salle. The club is organized and led by Mr. Wegesin.

I recently spoke with Mr. Wegesin in hopes to gain a little more insight on the investment club and what our current students are working on.

Q: What are your expectations for the students involved in the investment club and how it will change next year when De La Salle is co-ed?

Mr. Wegesin: “My goal is for students to understand the value of learning about investing in the stock market. Many young people, and even adults, are intimidated by the stock market and investing simply because of a lack of exposure. I don’t see that mission changing next year. If anything, I am looking forward to an increase in membership next year.”

Q: How has the investment club utilized technology to teach our students about stocks?

Mr. Wegesin: “Technology is used throughout the entire investment community. Here at De La Salle we use technology to research companies, explore apps and different trading platforms. We are very fortunate that our students here have that added advantage of having their own tablets. We try to take advantage of that on a daily basis.”

Q: What seems to be your students’ favorite way to learn about investments?

Mr. Wegesin: “The students use a website named It allows the members to play a game to learn how to handle and invest in stocks. We turned that into a competition. The person with the highest profit will end up winning a prize at the conclusion of the year.

Q: How does this club differ from other clubs offered on campus?

Mr. Wegesin: “One of the awesome things about De La Salle is that we offer a wide variety of clubs to our students that reach many interests. The investment club gives our students a unique way to learn some of the odds and ends about financial responsibility and savings. Not many teens are thinking about retirement or how to save for it but it is fun to show students how investing early can payoff in the long run.”

The investment club meets every Monday after school at the Institute Campus. If you have any questions or would like to join the investment club, feel free to stop by the Institute Campus or email Mr. Wegesin at [email protected].