Meteors Around the World

Three seniors spent their summers traveling the world and studying abroad


Early morning wake-up calls from roosters, chickens, and herds of animals echo through the bedroom window.  The smell of vegetable curry boiling on the hot stove lingers through the air.  This is another morning in Nepal, India.

Hundreds of miles away, waves wash into the sand on the Portovenere Beach in Italy.

Around the same time in Japan, people jam onto the crowded train systems getting to and from their destinations. Here, the trains run at speeds up to 200 mph.

Seniors Adrienne Adu, Milani Jones, and Carlson Ayanlaja all took deep breaths and began their day’s work.

Studying abroad was not only a great achievement for these three seniors, but it was and will always be an amazing experience. This past summer these three extraordinary seniors left their usual routines in America to venture out of their normal comfort zones and try something new. Carlson Ayanlaja learned a new language, Japanese, and this new culture became part of him for a month. Milani Jones attained the knowledge of fashion while studying in Italy. Adrienne Adu became, “Dr. Adu” for a short period in Nepal, India. On a typical day, Adu  would sometimes hear the neighboring locals speaking in Nepali, their native language, and playing morning prayer music. She would then wash and dress in an attire respectable to the culture. For the main part of her day, she shadowed a physician for up to 10 hours, during which she was able to perform as a doctor herself. For example, she assisted in births and saw various surgeries such as heart transplants.

“My favorite moment in the entire trip was in the trauma emergency room a man came in and he had a broken trachea and spinal cord. I was blessed enough to pump oxygen into his lungs for three hours,” Adu said. “I was surprised and honored that the surgeons gave me such a risky job, but I pumped oxygen into his lungs using the manual respiratory machine until the automatic respiratory machine came to CMC Hospital. It was the most incredible moment of my life and it really showed me that helping others medically is something I definitely see myself doing this for the rest of my life. It clarified my passion of wanting to become a cardiologist. I spent over 80 hours in the cardiology department, and this is really where I see myself in 10-15 years. I came to Nepal to discover what I wanted to do.”

Milani Jones went to Italy for the summer. On a typical day for her she would wake up, catch the train, and go to Carrara where she would attend marble school. She would spend four hours at school, then go home for lunch and that would end her school day. After marble school, she and her newfound friends would venture out to the mall or to the beach.

“We would stay out until the sun set around 10 o’clock at night,” Jones said.

Carlson Ayanlaja went to Japan looking for something new to do. On a typical day, he would wake up in the morning, get on a crowded, yet clean train and go somewhere with his international friends. He went to his language acquisition school where he would learn Japanese culture and language. After school ended he would explore the city.

“I had to adapt relatively quickly. I had a lot of food. I mean like they would feed me every three hours,” Ayanlaja said. “The amount of rice I had to eat was insane, but I already ate a lot so it was adjustable.”