Drive To the Finish

Inside look on Senior Ian Chan’s love for golf.


A drive down the middle.

A shot to the green.

A chip just short of the hole.

A long putt that sinks into the cup.

A gentle clap from Coach Vince Correa means solid execution and excellence.

These are some of the excitements of golf that senior Ian Chan faces during a match. Chan came to De La Salle as a junior and is an international student from China. Though his parents are not here to watch his high school golf career, they see his improvements every summer when he returns home.

Moving across the world to go to high school can certainly have its challenges. 

“It’s like coming to another planet where you don’t know their ways of life, the language, the style or the people at all,” Chan said. “Golf allowed me to fit in and to be who I am. It’s a way to express myself.”

Chan has made major contributions to the golf team including shooting a 39 at Meadows of Blue Island which is a Par 38.  According to Chan, it was “amazing” to see the ball go in the cup on the final hole.

Chan plans to continue his career in golf by playing in college, either at a university in America or back home in China. Looking forward, he hopes to become a better student and player and hopes to one day showcase his skills in the PGA. Chan made a major contribution to the team and set a high bar for future members coming to the program.

“This game has always been special to me,” Chan said. “There’s nothing better I can think of than golfing on a beautiful course on a gorgeous day. It’s why I strive so hard to be better.” Chan also dedicates golf to his parents because golf is something they have taught him.