Last Ride

For senior Byron Perkins, football is more than just a game


Screaming fans.

Bright lights.

Fresh cut grass.

Blue and gold uniforms.

Helmets, pads, tears.

For Byron Perkins, this is his last home game as a Meteor. This is his senior night.

Senior night is a night to celebrate the senior athletes who have made an impact on the field of play and within the Meteor athletic community. On September 22, the varsity football team played Wheaton St. Francis at the University of Chicago for their senior night. This was also their homecoming game. For senior Byron Perkins, senior night sparked many emotions as it finally hit him that, although he will be playing football in college next year, this was his last year playing as a Meteor.

“It was a very emotional experience. It really hit me that I am a senior, and this is my last year playing as a Meteor,” Perkins said.

Being on a sports team means putting the needs of your teammates first. It is how the tough times are handled even when giving up feels like the best option. To the players, football is much more than a sport; it is a lifestyle they have all come to love.

“There were plenty of times where I wanted to give up and quit, but you have to muscle through it,” Perkins said. “It is a hard sport, but it is more mental than physical.”

Goals are something for which Perkins strives. His goals are what shape him into the man he wants to become. He wants his teammates to know that he is someone they can all look up to and count on.

“Before the season ends, I want [my teammates] to know that I will always be there for them, no matter if I am in college or still here during the season. I want to make an impact on someone,” Perkins said.