We’re All In This Together

De La Salle goes co-ed after 128 years


Everything has changed since this history making announcement. Classrooms are different. The bell schedule is different. The hallways are different. De La Salle wants to embody unity with this decision. De La Salle is now one campus, one student body, one home.

Senior Yvens Louisma and junior Yasmine Simpson give their perspectives on this history making school year.

“Well I think it’s overall better,” Louisma said. “It was kind of awkward for the first few weeks, but you get used to everything and girls being there [at the Institute Campus], and it becomes normal. I think everyone has become more mature since we have become co-ed, and people are more cautious of what they say out loud and what they say to each other.”

One major change is the bell schedule. There are now eight periods in the school day which impacted the time of the school day and allowed for lunch periods to be longer.

“There have been a bunch of changes. Now we have more clubs and more social events. Now everyone basically knows everyone instead of boys only knowing the girls that went to the boy’s campus after school,” Simpson said.

The classroom atmosphere has been the biggest adjustment for the young men and young ladies, and teachers, too. All classes are now coeducational.

“I don’t think there is gonna be any difficulty in learning. As a matter of fact, I think learning will be easier. We have a lot of smart guys and girls and combining them together will probably improve critical thinking and comprehending of concepts. We now have more people to go to if we are struggling to understand something,” Louisma said. “This was a great choice for the school. Yeah, some things are gonna be gone like the manly conversations we had, but those memories will stick with us forever, and now we can make new memories with the girls. I think everyone will love this change.”

As part of the merge, De La Salle is also under construction. Renovations are taking place in the Parmer Activity Center to improve the quality of the gym space, upgrade weight rooms, build new locker rooms, a yoga/dance studio, and athletic offices.

“I think De will become even better than it has been. I’ve always wanted to go to a co-ed high school, and De is giving it to me. De already has more freshmen. I know we will become the next powerhouse when it comes to academics and athletics, even more than it is now,” Simpson said. “I firmly think it was a great decision. I know more and more people who are putting De at the top of their list because of the fact it’s becoming co-ed. Especially the fact that we have construction … it was a great decision.”