By: Marion Edwards

 Homecoming. A day anticipated since the first day of school where everyone comes together, has fun, and relaxes. For incoming freshmen, Homecoming is a new experience to make friends and even celebrate the start of high school. For the sophomores, juniors, and seniors, Homecoming is one of the most conversational and exciting experiences of the school year.

This Homecoming was definitely a night to remember. Seniors Dakota Biliskov and Antelma Acosta were the night’s Homecoming King and Queen. The experience of having their friends at the dance to witness and share this moment brought more joy than the actual tiara and crown!  

“My first Homecoming [freshman year] was such an exciting moment because I had never been to a school dance before. I think it was because we weren’t co-ed back then and because I didn’t really know any of the boys,” Acosta said.  “I was also nervous at my first Homecoming, but now I look forward to Homecoming. I’m sad that this was my last time at De’s Homecoming, but I’m glad I was able to spend it with all my friends and as the Queen for the night.”  

Our king and queen are not only Homecoming royalty at the dance, but during school hours as well. They both display all character qualities of what a true queen and king represent: elegance, wisdom, truth, faith, and community. Biliskov is involved in the varsity football program, National Honor Society, Peer Ministry, City of De, Lasallian Youth and the Senior Committee. Acosta is involved in water polo, Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica, National Honor Society, Spanish Club, and Model UN. For Biliskov, Homecoming night was definitely well worth the hard work and involvement in school activities.

“When I won Homecoming King, I remember my two best friends, Noel and Sebastian, jumping on me and screaming. It was awesome to see my group of friends all happy together,” Biliskov said. “I could care less about winning at that moment. I was just happy that my friends got together, and we were able to share laughs and smile and have some pictures to share for when we are older.”

Senior Grace Wozniak, was able to share the dance with her best friend, alumnus Morgan Billa ‘17. “It was really fun. This was only our second Homecoming together, and it was really different from the rest. Although we didn’t dance much, we were able to talk about all the differences from last year and how we liked it. It was also really cool because since she was mayor [Billa], she knew all the behind the scene stuff that goes into Homecoming, so she was able to appreciate the differences more,” Wozniak said.