Bump, set, spike

From the bleachers to the court


By: Kayla Granat

“Bump, not spike!”
“Got it!”
“Good teamwork girls!”

To some, volleyball is just a sport, but to sophomore Emily McManus it is a passion. McManus joined freshman girls’ volleyball her first year and is now part of the junior varsity girls’ volleyball team.

“When I made the freshman team, I was so excited,” McManus said. “Volleyball was the very first thing I joined in high school. It has been part of my everyday life for as long as I can remember.”

McManus has been playing volleyball since she was in 2nd grade and has attended summer volleyball camps to strengthen her skills. Before she attended De La Salle, she was a supporter of the team in the bleachers.
“I always looked up to the players before me, and I couldn’t wait to be a part of the program,” McManus said. “Every chance I got, I came to cheer on the players before me.”

She was introduced to the sport in 2006 by her cousin Amy Hermle ’10 and her cousin Jessica Hermle ’14 both of whom played for De La Salle. She attended their games and decided she wanted to play the game, too.

“De’s volleyball program is the reason why I fell in love with volleyball,” McManus said. “I just completed my second year playing as a Meteor, and I honestly can’t wait for next season to start. I am completely grateful for the program because without it, I would be an entirely different person,” McManus said.