Scouts honor

Girls Scouts of America give students an opportunity to connect with the world


By: Milani Jones

Courage, confidence, and character. Senior MiCayla Jones has been living by the power of the G.I.R.L, Go-getter, Innovator, Risk-taker, and Leader, since third grade. Jones has been part of Girls Scouts because her grandfather bought cookies from the Scouts. This was a time to band with her grandfather. Nine years ago, Jones joined the Austin Town Hall, which is a Girl Scout troop in her neighborhood. Currently, GIrl Scouts is a worldwide organization of 2.6 million people. Recently, Jones was voted by the Girl Scouts council to the national level of Girls Scouts to become the delegate in her council.

“I love to work on the national level of Girls Scouts of America. I was able to speak about the problems and concerns my council was having,” Jones said. “Recently, I was in Ohio for the Girls Scouts Convention, and I was representing my council and troops. I met with other girls within the U.S. and around the world which was a great experience for me. I really love Girls Scouts. I get to be myself and become a leader to younger girls who look up to me in my troops. Girls Scouts is not all about selling cookies; it’s about becoming sisters and best friends to each other and just being their for each other.”

Girls Scouts create projects, sell cookies, and attend many camping trips. Jones help her Scout leader, Ms. Hawkins, by working with younger girls because Jones is the oldest girl in her council. Jones work on projects and activities for the younger children and try to recruit girls in her age group from 15-18 years old.

“When selling cookies, the money help us with our camping trips or activities that we plan to do. With my troop, we give half of the money to the church that is next door to help with them the food pantry. During Springtime, we have gift of caring, which is the Girl Scouts sending cookies to the military troops overseas and in America,” Jones said.

Jones is a member of National Honors Society, a peer minister, a basketball player, a golfer, and is on track and field team as shot putter.. She also take time out of her day to volunteer for National Honors Society tutoring. However, in Girls Scouts, Jones either helps the Brownies or juniors out with their badge assignments.

“Girl Scouts has helped me build my courage and leadership skills, which helps me in and out of school and on the court. I got a chance to work with the Chicago Sky WNBA Team and became a ball girl and was able to meet the coach and the players and hand them water. My next goal is to work with the Chicago Wolves Hockey team,” Jones said.