Knocking Them Down, One Pin At A Time

Girls Bowling Prevails

Knocking Them Down, One Pin At A Time

By: Breana Wayne, Isis Trebble, and Jailyn Benford

Junior Amaya Utreras was more than ready for her turn to bowl. She grabbed her 12-pound dark blue ball and stepped up to the lane. Arms bent at a ninety-degree angle, she took a breath, focused, swung her arm back, and released. Bam! All ten pins came crashing down. It was the first strike of the game. For junior Amaya Utreras, bowling comes naturally. Her  average is 142, and her high game is 225.

“My fondest memory so far has been bowling a 225. It just happened this past December against St. Ignatius,” Utreras said. “What made it more special was that my sisters were home from college, and they were there to see me bowl along with my parents and brother.” Utreras first joined the team when she was a sophomore, but never dreamed of becoming one of the top bowlers for the varsity team.

“The game against Regina High School was one of the best games I have been a part of since joining the bowling team. We all bowled extremely well with three of my teammates having their highest scores ever. It was very exciting, and we were all ecstatic including Mr. Colletti, our coach,” Utreras said. “My personal goal is to make it to state finals either as a team or as an individual.”

Senior Brandy Wayne is also one of the top bowlers for varsity. She has been a bowler her whole high school career.

“Our best game against Regina High School was epic. Our average players bowled like our best players usually bowl, and our best players bowled better than ever,” Wayne said. “I usually bowl in the 120s or so, and in my game against Regina, I bowled a 158. It was amazing.”

Memories and traditions are what keep bowlers motivated. Together they accomplish more and prevail.

“My fondest memory of bowling will have to be my tradition and the team’s tradition before a game. Before every game, I always have my shoes tied by my coach because my shoes will be loose otherwise, and I fear that I may fall into the lane,” Wayne said. “As a team, we never stretch beforehand because we did one time, and we played our worst game of the season ‘til this day. So, we vow to never stretch.”