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A junior's first step toward the future

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By: Cameron White

One hundred and twenty nine years of tradition are embedded in the heart of De La Salle Institute. The values of faith, service, and community run deep through the veins of every student who enters its doors and continues honoring these traditions. This is what makes the Junior Leadership and Ring Mass so significant. It is, for the juniors, the first step in their transition to becoming alumni.

“The purpose of the Ring Mass is that it’s a symbol to the community of commitment; De La Salle’s commitment to the juniors, who will eventually be alumni, and the juniors’ commitment to their education and De La Salle,” Fr. Paul Novak said.
The Ring Mass happens at the beginning of the year during which each junior is given his/her class rings as well as St. John Baptist de la Salle medallion to represent the core values of the Lasallian community.

“We also provide a Lasllian medal to remind everybody that it is in the spirit of St. La Salle that everyone in this community has formed. In other words, we encourage everyone to be a person of faith, a person who is providing service for others, and building up community wherever they go,” Fr. Novak said.

The Ring Mass is the first stepping stone in preparing the juniors for a life outside of De La Salle, and for junior Kaiya Wheaten, the Ring Mass held a special meaning.  “The Ring Mass was a very special moment because it made me realize that high school was going so fast and I should cherish every moment,” Wheaten said.

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Rings, Traditions, and Things