Circle of Service

Junior Jacquelin Camarena gives back to her community in a big way

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Circle of Service

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By: Cameron White

Nuts, bolts, and screwdriver. Tighten, replace, adjust. The setting sun shines through the windows and reflects off the silver metal plates and edges of the robot. Holding and examining a 3-wire control panel, junior Jacquelin Camarena asks, “Don’t you think this should go here?”

Every Thursday evening at Robotics Club meetings, Camarena works feverishly with her teammates to prepare their robot for competition. Camarena stays behind the scenes where she gives suggestions about vital information that could make or break their lead in competition. Because she is quiet and introverted, no one would guess that Camarena has been giving back to her community in a big way.

“I help out in Sarah’s Circle basically [with] fundraising and getting feminine products just to help them out a little because it’s an organization to help homeless women,” Camarena said.

During the fall, winter, and spring months, Camarena holds a drive in the De La Salle Meteor Shop where she sets up a station for students, teachers, and parents to donate feminine products as well as blankets and any other essentials for Sarah’s Circle, a group organization designed to help homeless women across the Chicagoland area. She has been running this drive since her sophomore year.

“Recently, I did a drive at the school, and I just take them [the supplies] over there [to Sarah’s Circle] as an incentive,” Camarena said.
Sarah’s Circle is located in Camarena’s neighborhood, Little Village. She felt a calling her sophomore year to become more involved in her community, and since then, she has worked at other volunteer events such as soup kitchens along with her work in Sarah’s Circle.

“It was last year when I wanted to be more involved in my community. I started making soup kitchens, and I found out about Sarah’s Circle and about how it was a huge organization that was in need; and it went towards a good cause,” Camarena said.  Along with her volunteer work, Camarena is also involved in many clubs and activities. “I’m in Robotics, Chemistry Club, French Club, French Honor Society, and National Honor Society,” Camarena said.