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De La Salle hosts the Chicago Chess Foundation K-8 Chess Tournament

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By: Christian Barajas and Gavin Walker

Outside of the classroom students gain insight into their own thinking and decision-making skills through the game of chess. On Saturday, January 13, 2018, De La Salle hosted the Chicago Chess Foundation K-8 Chess Tournament. The tournament welcomed over 395 students from 36 different schools around Chicago such as Gallistel, St. Joseph, Calmeca, Skinner North, and many more.

“Chess isn’t so much about the game but the mind set,” says senior Christopher Williams, captain of the DLS Chess Team. “Kids aspiring to be on the Chess Team or wanting to improve their game should get as much practice as possible and do this by also going to chess tournaments early on.”

De La Salle’s own chess program encourages students to play chess by hosting this grammar school tournament at De La Salle each winter. “Anybody can pick up the game; you just have to learn from every session you play,” said sophomore Aiden Patino.

The day was run by Mr. George Dzuricsko, Chess Team moderator.  The tournament lasted about eight hours. Students who won in their age brackets received trophies.

“I actually learned a lot from these kids and gained more insight and strategy on the game through watching them play,” said junior Aolani Cano. “That’s what the game is about really.”

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“The Future is Now!”