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Life In The Fast Lane

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By: Breana Wayne

Sophomore, Sophia Wheeler, positioned her feet on the diving board, reached up like a champion ready to jump in the 25-yard long pool. At the sound of the whistle she jumped in, pushing her legs back like a frog and stretching her arms away from her completing the breath stroke with record time.

It was the last meet of the season at University of Illinois at Chicago regionals championship. The girls’ swim team was depending on one another to work hard and swim their best. Sophia Wheeler was one of the few girls on the team who placed at sectionals with great timing.

“Sofia Wheeler was the top scorer at Sectionals, placing 14th in the 100 Breaststroke with a personal best time of 1:22.19, and swimming in 2 relays,” said Wiloxcen.

This season girls’ swimming began with sixteen girls and ended with six by the end of the season. The season not only required dedication, but it also required commitment and a never-ending drive to attain, achieve, and prevail.

“When I am about to start a race I feel like I’m in the zone and I can do anything. All I can think about is giving it my all and trying my best to win,” Wheeler said.

While the De La Salle Institute campus has been under renovation, the swim team has been commuting from one pool to another just to have enough practice time to be ready for upcoming meets. Due to commutes from one pool to another, the girls’ swim team lost many athletes. However, Wheeler was not one to give up so easily. She dedicated herself to her team and made the best out of the littlest things. She prevailed as an athlete and will continue to exceed as a student.

“Sofia, like other girls, overcame obstacles such as limited pool time and gym space, performed at a high level nonetheless,” said Wiloxcen. “She was committed and made a lot out of a little.”