Winter Ball

A night under the snowflakes

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Winter Ball

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By: Marion Edwards

Snowflakes fall, lightly covering the ground with their sparkling essence. The moon shimmers down upon De La Salle Institute as students arrive for the Winter Ball. The Commons is decorated beautifully with a Valentine’s Day theme.

“The night was beautiful. It was a good time to relax and forget about school. You have fun with your friends, and you just dance your heart out. You just let go of whatever you may have going on and just dance and have fun,”sophomore Phillip Hunter said. “This night was unique because everyone could see you dance, and it was smaller so you can talk to everyone and dance with other people.”

The City of De La Salle prepares the night for everyone by coming in early to set the stage for the DJ, to decorate, and to make sure the entire night runs smoothly. Seniors Brandy Wayne and Gabriel Utreras, Mayors of the City of De La Salle, danced the night away with their friends after preparing the perfect night for their classmates. Their hard work and dedication established a foundation for a night of enjoyment for everyone else and a well-deserved time of fun and relaxation.

“The night went really well. In the beginning I was really nervous like any City of De event because of the anxiety and not knowing if things will go to plan, but I’m always reassured with the people in City of De,” Utreras said. “By the end of the night, I was so happy with how everything went, and everyone had a great time from what I saw.”

For alumnus Marcus Carter, being the DJ for the night brought back many memories. He attended Winter Ball all four years of his De La Salle experience. “My first two years I attended the dance as a student and my last two years I was given the opportunity to actually DJ the dance. Dan Dowling was actually the very person who approached me and gave me the opportunity,” Carter said. “I have been DJing the Winter Ball Dance for the last seven consecutive years. It feels really good to be able to come back to a place I spent four years of my life and
give back to those who supported and believed in me.”