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Giving Back

Ms. Emily Vogel and her Peer Ministers gather cans for St . James Food Pantry

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By: Kayla Granat

Giving back is something in which we should all partake. It promotes our Lasallian values of faith, service, and community while also pushing us out of our comfort zones to learn more about ourselves and the community around us. Since its foundation, De La Salle has been known for its dedication to serving the community. One example is the annual giving drive. The purpose of the drive is to collect cans of non-perishable food items over the course of two weeks. Each classroom has a box into which students can place the canned food. Peer Ministers collect the canned food from the classrooms throughout the weeks. Once the drive is over, Peer Ministry delivers the food to various locations around the city.

“The Giving Drive at De La Salle takes place during the holiday season when the weather is colder and statistically more people are on the streets,” senior Brandy Wayne said. “It helps parents and guardians who cannot afford the many toys the kids ask for.” This year, the school collected over 2,000 cans. All proceeds went to the St. James Food Pantry to help families who are less fortunate.

“The cans we collect usually go to local pantries, but if there are suggestions for cans to go somewhere else, we usually do it,” Wayne said. “To
promote the can drive, we design signs and banners to be hung around the school, and offer dress-down days such as Beans for Jeans. It is usually the small acts of kindness that make the most difference in people’s lives, and at De, we believe in faith, service, and community. We follow the Lasallian way, and what we do to help the community is truly life-changing for others.

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Giving Back