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Regional Champions

Varsity basketball wins regional championship

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By: Kayla Granat

“I did not have any fears, I felt like I had the experience to lead the team to a victory. Barlow got hot hitting a couple of threes; Dave is clutch; KJ is clutch; Big Ja’ kept everyone’s confidence up; CJ, Al, and Rob were rebounding like crazy. Everyone was clicking that game. Every single player contributed to that game,” varsity Captain Jamari Norwood said.

This is what teamwork feels like. This is how championships are won. This year, the boys varsity basketball team won the Class 3A IHSA Regionals with a score of 56-45 over Westinghouse College Prep. This has not happened since 2011.

“Over the past three years playing on varsity, I never won a Regional Championship game. My sophomore year, we made it to the Regional Championship game but lost to Whitney Young,” Norwood said, “Making it to Regionals and winning it was a major stress reliever for me.”

This season, the team was also fortunate to travel to San Diego, California over winter break to play against some of the top-rated teams in the country. It was an opportunity to build team chemistry heading into January and the bulk of the basketball season. “We ended up coming close in games but did not win any,” Norwood said. “That made us so much better. It gave us a wake-up call and boosted our confidence. At that point, we learned we can play with any team and can beat anyone, no matter the competition. The trip made me a better team captain by responding to in-game situations smarter. Leadership was something I excelled in this season, holding others accountable, making sure everyone knew the plays and the spots for a different type of defense.”

In the first round of Regionals, the team beat Golder College Prep 77-38, then claimed the champion title in round two. The team made it to the semifinals but unfortunately ended up losing to Farrugut Career Academy High School with a score of 67-58, finishing its season. The team finished with 10 wins and 15 loses overall.

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Regional Champions